Welcome to the wooden flagpole company

We hand craft traditional wooden flagpoles from our workshop in Somerset using specially made lathes and jigs that we have developed over the years.
Each flagpole is completely unique with a gentle taper from base to finial which enhances the overall look and will be a striking feature in any garden or building….

We use kiln dried timber with low moisture content ensuring that our flagpoles will outlive our customers!

We laminate the timber to get the length, strength and flexibility we require, before using our lathe to round the flagpole, and then finish by hand.

The square base is planed and heavy chamfers cut by hand to provide an octagonal transition between the square and cylindrical cross sections. The flagpole is then carefully sanded before applying several coats of the selected finish. The traditional finish is usually a white primer, two coats of undercoat followed by two coats of gloss. Alternatively flagpoles can be supplied with several coats of clear varnish to show off the grain and figure of the timber.

Our flagpoles have the traditional square base where an optional engraved brass plaque can be attached, and are supported by our steel tabernacle and a pair of large bolts. This means that the base of the flagpole does not touch the ground ensuring that the flagpole will last for many years to come. A significant advantage of this system is that the flagpole can be easily lowered for routine maintenance. You are welcome to visit our workshop and see the care and attention to detail that goes into every one of our unique flagpoles.

We can also insert your business or family time capsule into your flagpole with an engraved brass plaque on the base.

Every flagpole is as unique as our customers so please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Cookham flagpole

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